We work to inspire and prepare parents to visit and apply to high-performing schools that will be a good fit for their family. In addition, since finding a great school is just one of the decisions parents face, we help parents with information and resources to help guide them on making decisions of their children to great futures — at home and at school


Inspire and support families to champion their children's education at school, home and in their community to escape the bonds of poverty and hopelessness by providing education, life skills, values and a caring environment that will empower them to successfully move into the mainstream of society. Direct communication, seeking information from parents about what they want and need for their child’s success, helps build strong school-family connections. A shared understanding about what the child will learn this year and how their learning will be assessed helps parents support their children and helps maintain communication all year


The strength of ElimuOnline depends heavily on your involvement at the local level.With volunteer members across all the 47 counties playing critical roles in the success of their sub locations, wards,constituencies and counties. ElimuOnline wants to strengthen this network and we are ready to take action on issues that affect the education industry. YOU have the opportunity to become an effective advocate for your industry, helping yourself and your colleagues as well. Whether you choose to advocate for this industry at the local, state, or national arena — or all three! — your efforts will make a difference.