Elimuonline progress ranking is a calculation that uses schools achievement data over time to measure the gains or loss in academic performance. It provides a way to measure the effect a school or teacher has on student academic performance over the course of a school year or another period of time..

Why are analytics so important?

In any entity, tracking statistics and interpreting the data in order to make good choices can be said to be one of the most pivotal reasons why the entities will succeed or fail. Institutions from big to small regularly take diligent spread sheets, tracking performance, attendance, expenses, and much more, so that they can successfully see where their institution is headed and what changes they mind need to implement.

But why should school care about tracking so many numbers? And more importantly, what should a school be tracking? With Elimuonline the most important thing is to discover and communicate this of meaningful patterns in data. Especially valuable in areas rich with recorded information, analytics relies on the simultaneous application of statistics, computer programming and operations research to quantify performance. Analytics often favors data visualization to communicate insight.

The results of a school’ success is always due to combination of many ideas & efforts, and the successful “coming together” of multiple leadership strategies and different traffic sources.

Your school may be flying high at the moment, but where is it going? How did it get there? Ask yourself questions about your school as if you were your own investor (and you really are), could you answer these questions?

To really get a grasp in truly learning what’s working for your school, a good analytics system will be your bread and butter. They don’t give you aggregate data or “could be” data, but rather exactly what is happening on your sits: separating out what is working from what is not. Without a good analytics system, your school is flying blind.

Do some types of schools give you better results? You'll find out with tools like Progressive Ranking, which lets you make a visual assessment of how students have performed within a given period. Learn what other stakeholders are looking for and what they like, then tailor all your child educational decisions based on this facts for maximum impact.

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What really contributes to a school’s success

ElimuOnline is dedicated to providing insights, tools and support through research and public engagement , recently we examined nine public schools that have exceptional academic reputations despite being known as high poverty schools.By looking at results such as national test scores, and student performance , you can get a fairly clear picture of how well a school is doing its is what we learned

About Numbers

Numbers have traditionally been seen as an alternative when trust doesn’t exist, providing a way of measuring whether someone has done what they said they would.Most of us are accustomed to getting information about academic results in the form of a score. Whether it's reported as a number or a letter grade, it tells us basically the same thing—how well students have learned certain subject matter or skills at one point in time. However, a score does not typically tell us how far students grew academically to produce that number or grade. We don't know if the score reflects relatively normal progress, if it represents a huge leap forward, or even if students lost ground.Neither doest that score reflect any information of the school, county and national performance.